Psychic Reading

Soul Reading By Dr DP Shukla

Psychic Reading By Dr. D.P. Shukla

Psychic reading is pseudoscience. It involves foreseeing the happening utilizing clairvoyance and reading the paranormal energies. One can sense and understand the souls or strengths, whether in the body or free (i.e. dead, astral projection, etc.).

Being psychic or clairvoyant means, you can perceive information that cannot be perceived through the normal senses, also known as extrasensory perception. It can include predicting the future, talking to non-physical beings(the dead and the spirits).

Usually, the psychic powers are inherent by birth. It cannot be learnt or developed. A genuine psychic is someone with extrasensory perception. He or she can ‘read’ or sense things most of us are unable to pick up. In this way, they can ‘read.’ what surrounds you and what might be approaching, even though they may be a very long distance away.

During a reading, a psychic reader aims to tune in to the individual or his close ones. The reader knows how to interpret what the individual feels. He can see, smell, listen or feel love, fear, jealousy, and lots of other emotions and realities. He can describe them as if it is happening to him.

In these readings, you can expect anything – they can tell you about the images they see, which might be showing the current situation or how it is likely to unfold; or they can share with you the types of emotions that are attached to the situation, along with what types of vibrations and energies the situation might be attracting.

A psychic reading may surprise you totally, but ultimately it should help you connect with your own higher self and see your path ahead more clearly. It is an intimate experience that can refresh your spirit and renew your determination to find fulfilment. Approach it with an open mind and heart.